Easy Mold Cooling Prediction

Confidently accelerate your plastic part and injection mold design processes.

SimForm's front-end thermal simulation offers a low-cost, user-friendly solution to predict temperatures and cooling time, and to optimize cooling channel placement.

The result? Improved quality, lower costs and shorter lead times.

Why cooling matters

An effective cooling strategy is a crucial, though often overlooked, part of plastic injection mold design. 

After all, cooling affects dimensional stability, surface finish, and it makes up the bulk of cycle time. Optimizing your cooling design is key to avoiding low-quality parts, long cycle times, and high part-production and manufacturing costs. 

With SimForm, you can easily address these challenges early in the design phase.

What is SimForm?

SimForm is mold flow simulation everyone can use. Enjoy pay-as-you-go pricing and web-based accessibility – no simulation expertise required

OEMs / Suppliers

Create manufacturing-ready plastic part designs with fewer engineering iterations

Injection Molders

Optimize production by reducing cooling cycle time

Mold Makers

Ensure part quality with uniform temperatures and no hot spots

Why choose SimForm?

Design better plastic parts

When you can identify what drives uneven cooling in your part design, you can make efficient and effective changes. 

SimForm helps you optimize designs early on for cost-efficient manufacturing and to avoid expensive iterations late in the procurement process.

Produce quality parts faster

With visual evidence of where a part cools last, or where there is a risk of part warpage, ensure you develop a cooling strategy that works. 

With SimForm, accurately predict cooling cycle range and guide designers on how to achieve it, ensuring greater production throughput and improved profitability.

Design a better mold faster

Molds that meet or exceed expectations for part quality, aesthetics, and injection molding cycle time boost client satisfaction.

Complement your existing tooling design software and eliminate unnecessary outsourced mold flow simulations.  SimForm reduces development time and cost.

Stay on schedule and on budget 

Quick and early mold design prediction saves you time, expense and effort. Stop wasting weeks waiting for results.

SimForm’s state-of-the-art web interface and straightforward pay-per-use pricing comes with no financial risk or investment, requires no costly upgrades or updates, and needs no simulation training or expertise.

What Can You Do With SimForm?

Define your mold

  • Import design geometry from any CAD package, from STEP and Parasolid
  • Select the mold, or let SimForm define one for you
  • Select plastic, mold, and insert materials
  • Tag your cooling channels, including baffles and conformal cooling channels, or let SimForm use a “well-designed” mold
  • Adjust water temperatures
  • Vary your design parameters and pick your best design

Crunch the numbers

  • Predict how both mold and plastic temperatures evolve over time
  • Obtain results in minutes with dedicated cloud-based GPU hardware
  • Keep your data safe and secure
  • Access SimForm from your web browser – no installation required
  • Skip the meshing or geometry cleanup
  • Pay only for what you use

Gather Insights

  • Examine the freeze time view and pinpoint regions that are driving the mold cooling time
  • Probe plastic surface temperatures and identify risk of warpage
  • Animate the temperature as it evolves through the part and the mold
  • Compare safe ejection times across design versions
  • Identify ideal locations for drilled channels, baffles, inserts, and conformal cooling.

With what we have seen and tested so far, we believe SimForm has the potential to become a game-changer for mold cooling design optimization.  The SimForm team is responsive and willing to release new useful features and improvements, which further make it promising as a key asset in our tool development process

Raphaël B.
Engineering Tools Manager, TIBO

…having a tool that would allow us to predict the hotspots and then maybe adjust for those hot spots in the tool, would be wonderful.

Scott Peters
Molded Marketing LLC

The secret to higher part quality and optimal cycle times

Tapping into the power of front-end simulation can improve the performance and profitability of your mold designs in three ways. Find out how you can:

  1. Reduce production risks 
  2. Alleviate molder uncertainty
  3. Design with confidence

Answers in minutes, not hours

The cost of wasted time can’t be underestimated for your own operations nor those of your clients.

Produce better plastic parts, faster – and save time and money.

SimForm is mold cooling prediction made accessible – no more, no less.

Every mold you design requires decisions and trade-offs.

Making and justifying the right decisions just got a whole lot easier.

  • Early cooling design feedback
  • In-house mold cooling capabilities
  • Visual support for decisions  
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You need to produce quality parts, and deliver them quickly.

Before you even get to the shop floor, ensure:

  • Enhanced quoting accuracy
  • Improved efficiency and quality
  • Higher margins
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Every part you design must both perform its function and be manufacturable – without breaking the bank. Reduce the guess work around design for manufacturability.

  • Less back and forth with suppliers
  • More affordable parts
  • Fewer surprises
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See SimForm in action

Results are yours in only a few clicks. The user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow ensure a smooth path to at-a-glance mold cooling insights.

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Drawing from over 40 years of thermal/fluid simulation software development, trusted and used by millions of experts worldwide, Maya HTT proudly presents SimForm, a solution tailored to the mold, tool, and die industry.  

Our deep knowledge and experience in the field guarantee a powerful and reliable solution for your mold design needs.


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