Are you looking to minimize warpage in your plastic parts?

ยป Are you looking to minimize warpage in your plastic parts?

Are you looking to minimize warpage in your plastic parts?

Inadequate mold cooling can lead to parts warping after ejection, caused by residual stresses and temperature variations during the cooling process.

Imagine having the ability to reduce the risk of scrap parts due to warpage and determine optimal cooling channel placement even before designing a mold. Our groundbreaking solution, SimForm Warpage, offers advanced thermal and structural analysis capabilities that accurately predicts part warpage and cooling.

Regardless of your prior simulation experience, SimForm Warpage empowers you to visualize and quantify the warpage in different areas of your part.

SimForm can even go a step further and provide recommendations for where to position cooling lines to minimize temperature variations, minimize warpage and reduce the cooling time. You can even evaluate the impact of specific cooling channel designs on part warpage. By harnessing the power of SimForm Warpage, you will:

  • Enhance part quality and reduce warpage: Predict and visualize part warpage, enabling validation of design changes to minimize warpage.
  • Optimize cooling: Develop a cooling network that ensures faster and more uniform cooling, thereby reducing cycle times and warpage.
  • Lower costs: Manufacture higher quality parts more efficiently, resulting in less scrap and reduced overall part cost.

Rely on over 40 years of expertise in thermal and structural simulation!

Maya HTT has tailored SimForm specifically for the mold, tool, and die industry. Our extensive knowledge and experience guarantee a powerful and reliable solution.

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Additionally, SimForm Design is currently available and provides a powerful and user-friendly tool for mold designers and tooling managers to enhance their cooling channel designs. Discover how SimForm can revolutionize your mold cooling design process today at

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