SimForm for Mold Designers

Take charge of your mold designs.

Lead the process with early firsthand feedback that gives you the power to make the best mold design decisions.

» SimForm for Mold Designers

Making the right design decisions just got a whole lot easier

Easy, early design feedback

No waiting for simulation teams. Get visual results fast, early, and as often as you like.

Ownership of your designs

Iterate on your terms. Deliver quality mold designs you’re proud to stand behind.

Visual support for decisions

Don’t wing it. Support your expertise with data and at-a-glance visuals.

Less waiting, more designing

With SimForm, you will never have to wait for basic design feedback from the simulation team. You’re free to iterate improved mold designs without the need for frequent input from the sim team.

  • Quantify hot spots, check temperature uniformity, and estimate cooling time – within minutes.
  • Iterate on the fly and run “what-if” scenarios to explore the impact of part and mold design changes.
  • Get first-hand information, without waiting for outsourced simulations.
  • Results are yours in only a few clicks.

Lead the flow

The secret to taking ownership of your designs is to be in charge of your process.

  • Get the information you need ahead of the simulation team.
  • Easily evaluate different options: mold insert materials (aluminum, beryllium copper), water line locations, conformal cooling, etc.
  • Improve the location of mechanisms in the mold.

See things clearly

Decisions backed by data go a lot farther. Get the visuals you need to support your designs.

  • Accelerate the design process with at-a-glance mold temperature visualization. 
  • Justify the hundreds of decisions and trade-offs you make with every mold design.
  • Support your decisions with numbers and visuals.