SimForm for Tooling Managers

Gain the SimForm advantage: satisfied molders, proud design teams, and less risk.

ยป SimForm for Tooling Managers

Create a flow of quality, from designer to molder

Molder satisfaction

Deliver confidence and satisfaction with high quality molds.

Greater efficiency

Streamline your mold-design process to reduce design effort and risk.

Reduced costs

Improve your bottom line with a low-cost, task-specific solution.

Better molds make happier molders

Set a new standard for quality and confidence, ensuring molders make you the first choice for their mold designs.

  • Meet or exceed molder expectations with molds that are efficient and easy to operate.
  • Design molds that achieve shorter cycle times.
  • Justify the addition of inserts or conformal cooling channels.

Streamlined and efficient

Get the most out of your simulation spend. Free your team of needless delays, and ensure the mold-cooling design process runs smoothly.

  • Avoid mold redesigns and reduce the design effort.
  • Evaluate different options: mold insert materials (aluminum, beryllium copper), water line locations, conformal cooling, etc.
  • Foster an exciting design environment to retain expertise and attract new hires.

Your bottom line counts

Bring down the costs of mold development by speeding up the design cycle, limiting the need for full simulation services, and reducing the risk of expensive errors.

  • Avoid delays and costs related to identifying issues that crop up during the final mold flow simulation.
  • Don’t rely on complex and expensive mold flow simulations to improve the cooling design.