SimForm Features

Address design concerns early.

Put plastic injection mold cooling simulation in the hands of mold designers, and rely less on complex and expensive mold flow simulations.

» SimForm Features

Under 10 minutes

Validate designs in minutes instead of hours.

Easy, early and intuitive

You don’t need the mold fully designed to use it.

Pricing you like

Pay only for what you need with flexible pay-as-you-go, low per-project pricing.

Satisfied customers

Meet or exceed customer expectations.

Reduce guesswork

Catch common pitfalls that can lead to part warpage.

“What-if?” excitement 

Build the business case and attract top talent.

Quick, easy, and affordable simulations

Technical Features

SimForm uses modern technologies so you get a faster, more convenient user experience

  • Entirely web-based
  • Continuous deployment of updates
  • Upload any CAD model
  • Easily visualize results
  • Uses a Voxel solver
  • Runs fast on a GPU

Better mold designs in under 10 minutes

With SimForm, you’re free to iterate improved mold designs without the need for frequent input from the simulation team.

Gain immediate and valuable insights into improving your mold cooling designs.

  • Quantify hot spots
  • Check temperature uniformity
  • Estimate cooling time
  • Support your decisions with numbers

Easily explore early design iterations 

Get fast answers you can act on right away, even before the mold is fully designed. 

  • No simulation expertise needed
  • Iterate on the fly
  • Easily explore “what-if” scenarios
  • Quickly see the impact of plastic part and mold design changes
  • Try out different options: mold insert materials (aluminum, beryllium copper), water line locations, conformal cooling, etc.

Flexible, low-cost per project pricing

Start with a Free Trial, and then choose from a variety of flexible payment options:

  • No complicated licensing
  • Pay-as-you-go or subscription
  • Credit-based payment plan
  • Pay only for what you need
  • Fits any size budget
  • But first, a Free Trial

Surpass molder expectations

Deliver a level of satisfaction your molders didn’t even know they were missing :

  • Justify the addition of inserts or conformal cooling channels
  • Achieve shorter cycle times
  • Produce molds that are easier to operate

Stop wasting resources

Reduce design iterations by eliminating guesswork.

  • Locate and quantify the severity of hot spots
  • Reduce temperature gradients that can lead to part warpage
  • Accelerate the design cycle

Foster a growth-focused environment 

Create a work environment where mold designers develop their expertise while meeting business goals for evidence-backed quality.

  • Give designers power and ownership over their designs
  • Learn from data-informed design decisions
  • Retain expertise and attract new hires