New! SimForm Design for Manufacturing

Improve the design of a plastic part before the request for quotation.

Anticipate potential late-stage challenges and reduce the back-and-forth with mold makers.

ยป Product Announcement – Design for Manufacturing

Product Announcement

As a plastic part designer, you work with the molder or mold maker to iterate design improvements and decrease the cost of tooling and operations. This means weighing design features against manufacturability and making trade-offs.

You can dramatically reduce guesswork during this preliminary design and quoting phase with the help of SimForm.

With only a model of the plastic part, you can:

  • Identify problematic hot spots
  • Determine the need for inserts
  • Define realistic cooling time targets

SimForm Design for Manufacturing uses the same powerfully fast simulation engine that is at the core of SimForm.

What new features would you like to see in SimForm Design for Manufacturing? Let us know.

Take a moment to tell us about your specific needs and challenges, and get a discount equal to one free SimForm design project that you can use immediately. 

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