Front-end simulation in plastic injection mold design delivers optimal cycle times and higher part quality

by Kristina Drake

Actionable insights you can use to improve mold performance and profitability

As the complexity of plastic parts increases, so does the complexity of plastic injection molds.

Uncertainty about cycle times means uncertainty about part quality, client satisfaction and profitability, injecting significant risk into the mold design and production process.

Front-end simulation helps mold designers and molders create high performing and profitable molds.

Cooling analysis of an injection molded part using SimForm Feasibility

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Mold design project managers can meet the exacting requirements of molders and end customers. Rapid simulation in-house streamlines the design process and improves collaboration while minimizing the need for costly design iterations.

Molders can get a much better idea of cycle time — a key determinant of both production cost and quality — meaning cost estimates are more accurate. They are better able to meet short development times, even for complex molds, while remaining competitive.

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