SimForm forMold Makers

Lead the process with early, firsthand feedback on temperatures.

Empower you and your team to make the best mold design decisions – and justify them.

Making the right design decisions easier than ever

Easy, early design feedback

Front-end simulation delivers visual results fast and early in the design process so you can find the best cooling solutions without waiting days for external teams.

Quality molds and parts

Leverage scientific molding principles in your designs. Deliver confidence and satisfaction with molds that produce high quality parts in shorter cycle times.

Lower costs and less risks

Streamline your mold design process and prevent unexpected manufacturing challenges to deliver quality molds faster, with less engineering effort.

Less waiting, more designing

With SimForm, you never have to wait for basic feedback from the simulation team. You’re free to iterate improved mold designs as often as you like, without delay.

  • See results in a few clicks: hot spots, temperature uniformity, and cooling time estimates
  • Explore “what-if” scenarios on the fly to see the impact of mold insert materials (aluminum, beryllium copper), water line locations, or conformal cooling
  • Get insight and information firsthand, without waiting for outsourced simulations
  • Design mechanisms and cooling strategy concurrently, with decisions backed by data

Excel as a partner

Collaborate with injection molders and show additional value by enhancing their bottom line and improving quality. SimForm gives you the power to:

  • Develop cost-effective molds with reduced lead times.
  • Meet and surpass molder expectations with molds that produce higher quality parts
  • Design molds that achieve shorter cycle times
  • Justify the addition of inserts or conformal cooling channels to enhance mold performance

Your bottom line counts

SimForm brings down the costs of mold development, helping to speed up the design cycle, reduce iterations, limit the need for full simulation services, and lower the risk of expensive errors.

  • Prevent issues from cropping up during the final mold flow simulation or, worse, during the mold trial
  • Improve your cooling designs by bringing front-end simulation into your design process
  • Complement designer intuition with data-informed decisions
  • Cultivate an innovative design environment to retain expertise and attract new talent

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