SimForm forOEMs & Suppliers

As much as 70% of the cost of a plastic part is baked in during design. To keep your part price low, embrace and adopt design for manufacturing principles with front-end thermal simulation.

Work with the supply chain

Immediate design feedback

Assess the impact of design choices on cycle time and part tolerances as you work.

Streamline communication

Anticipate and address cooling challenges ahead of time to minimize time-consuming back-and-forth with suppliers.

Control costs

Don’t just hope for the best. Avoid costly design respins during the procurement process.

Design-for-manufacturing of plastic parts with SimForm Feasibility

See how SimForm Feasibility allows you to gain insights into the manufacturability of your plastic part design as you work.
No need to wait for lengthy and expensive simulations.

Design for injection molding

SimForm integrates seamlessly into your part design process. All you need is a CAD model of your part and plastic material information.

With that, you can:

  • Estimate cooling time in minutes and find the true per-part cost
  • Anticipate manufacturing challenges and make informed design decisions
  • Estimate cooling time in minutes and find the true per-part cost
  • Minimize temperature gradients and strengthen the part to combat warpage

Collaborate with suppliers

Bringing quality plastic parts to market is a team effort.

SimForm reduces the unknowns and helps you and your suppliers gain a common understanding of the cooling challenges.

  • Proactively resolve cooling issues, before onboarding suppliers, to save the time and cost of future iterations
  • Reduce costs and accelerate time to market
  • Design molds that achieve shorter cycle times
  • Improve supplier communication using numerical data and visual representations of part cooling behavior

Reduce downstream costs

Procuring a suboptimal part can lead to unforeseen costs later on. You could end up paying more for a complex mold design or getting dinged with a higher per-part production price.

  • Design your parts with an efficient cooling strategy in mind to avoid the need for overly complex mold solutions
  • Keep part production cost-efficient and lower your tooling capital with shorter cooling times
  • Ensure production trials are smooth and successful by avoiding costly design errors and late-stage part design changes

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