Unlocking plastic injection molding design profitability

by Arnaud Divialle

It’s no secret that profit margins in the plastic injection industry can be slim. But why is that, and what can be changed? What dynamics and processes are at play between OEM parts makers, molders and mold makers that often have the effect of shrinking bottom lines?

We wanted to find out. So we conducted interviews with molders and mold makers across North America and Europe to discuss what challenges they face in trying to efficiently — and profitably — produce high quality mold designs and molds.

Hidden sources of injection molding design inefficiency

The conversations were open and frank, revealing hidden sources of inefficiency that too often lead to complications with mold designs, missed delivery times, and ultimately lower profits for all stakeholders.

In this webinar, we share some of what we learned. We explore the critical roles that mold design validation and moldflow analysis play, and discuss key insights into how small, cost-effective changes to workflows can streamline injection molding design processes to improve cost, quality and time-to-delivery for mold makers and molders alike.

Watch the webinar: How to solve 3 overlooked molding design challenges