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Compare and choose the best cooling design – demonstration video

by Chris Blake

SimForm is a web-based application that enables plastic injection mold designers and project managers to reduce their cycle time and improve their part quality by simulating the thermal behaviour of the mold.

In this video, see Warren Baird, Product Manager for SimForm, walk you through the entire workflow of uploading a design, setting up the model, running the simulation, and deriving insights from the results.  In less than 15 minutes, Warren simulates three different mold cooling designs: 

  • a preliminary channel planner using a basic mold,
  • a conventional design with baffles
  • a conformal cooling design

Warren uses the side-by-side comparison tool in SimForm to compare the safe ejection times and temperature contours on the part.  This allows him to select the best cooling design, balancing cycle time requirements and temperature uniformity – a strong driver of plastic part quality.

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