SimForm forInjection Molders

Produce quality parts and protect your margins. Reduce the cost and lead time of mold development, and lower your cycle time.

Create a flow of quality, from design to production

Quote confidently

Strengthen your quotes with cycle-time estimates backed by science, and introduce cooling requirements in your mold-making contracts.

Iterate intelligently

Start with a plastic part that is proven to be manufacturable, and cut down on the time-consuming back-and-forth with clients.

Deliver results

Collaborate with your mold designer to produce quality parts and continuously improve.

Well-informed quotes

Reliable information, especially about cooling behavior, is critical for quoting. Without it, you could be leaving money on the table. Rules of thumb and intuition are helpful starting points, but they can lead to overly cautious conservative quotes. SimForm delivers dependable data that boosts confidence and quoting success.

  • Based only on the part design and material information, pinpoint potential hotspots, ensuring part designers have the valuable visual feedback needed to address and prevent problematic areas
  • Identify the challenging areas to cool, and guide mold designers to leave space for channels or inserts
  • Predict a realistic range of cooling times and get a more accurate cost estimate

Your unique value-add

Set yourself apart from the competition by helping clients design a part that costs less and is easier to manufacture – and back up your recommendations with numbers and visuals.

SimForm helps you address design for manufacturability in ways your competition can’t.

  • Proactively address cooling challenges tied to plastic part design by suggesting modifications like thinner walls or cavity relocation before involving the mold designer.
  • Demonstrate the impact of such part design changes on the overall part quality by simulating their effect on temperature variations.
  • Design molds that achieve shorter cycle times.
  • Keep your clients well informed. Use simulations to justify advanced cooling strategies like mold inserts or conformal cooling.

Lead the flow

Work closely with your mold maker to produce the best results for your end client. SimForm delivers quantitative targets that you can agree on. SimForm delivers on continuous improvement targets.

  • Recommend cooling design fixes should part quality or warpage issues be discovered during mold trials
  • Propose design changes to achieve year-over-year cycle time reduction targets
  • Complement designer intuition with data-informed decisions
  • Validate outsourced designs to ensure you go into production with confidence

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