Defining Baffles in SimForm

by Sarra Zoghlami

For mold designers who would like to use SimForm to run a thermal analysis of their mold design with cooling channels containing baffles.


SimForm provides an easy way to automatically define baffles, which simplifies the process of setting up your model and saves a lot of time. For the baffles and channels that have a complex geometry, you can manually define the baffles.

In this article, we provide a step-by-step video demonstration on defining baffles using the automatic and manual methods.


In SimForm, when you identify a cooling channel containing baffles, the Detect Baffles Automatically option is enabled by default, which allows the software to automatically detect the baffles.

You can use the manual procedure to define a baffle in the following cases:

  • The baffle and the cooling channel have unconventional geometries that are based on non-cylindrical shapes.
  • The baffle and the cooling channel have different bodies.
  • The baffle has been accidentally deleted.

This video shows an example on defining baffles in SimForm:


SimForm’s automatic detection feature for identifying baffles offers a time-efficient solution for setting up your model. You can also manually define baffles with a complex geometry. This flexibility ensures that mold designers can define baffles properly, regardless of their shape or geometry.